i supplied them mentally.

(he broke my heart. you merely broke my life.)

the plan is always rearranged [mademoiselle yulia/kato miliyah +]
sweet babies
title: the plan is always rearranged
rated: swearing
fandom/pairing: rpf; residual kato miliyah/mademoiselle yulia + mentions of yulia/lee chaerin
spoilers/warnings: n/a; see above
summary: yulia doesn't call miliyah a lot. miliyah doesn't really blame her.
words: ~1400
disclaimer: this is a work of fiction; title comes from the hsm2 song/imo the best of all their breakup songs
a/n: last one. takes place in the same verse as this previous entry because i got hooked on one throwaway idea and also it's 6am. this title was almost a patti smith lyric before divine inspiration struck lololol. i want to write in this verse again sometime but mostly i just want to write about cl and yulia banging so that might happen

you'll be okCollapse )

how do i work this? [cl/mademoiselle yulia]
sweet babies
title: how do i work this?
rated: swearing + illegal drug usage happens
fandom/pairing: rpf; lee chaerin/mademoiselle yulia but it's mostly friendship + hinted yulia/miliyah kato
spoilers/warnings: n/a + see above
summary: chaerin is the kind of girl who answers personal questions with brutal honesty first, and qualifies the context they were asked in later.
words: ~1100
disclaimer: this is rpf so it's not real, it just has real faces and names attached. title and cut come from the talking heads song called........once in a lifetime? yeah?
a/n: another product of this evening that i haven't proofread but just need to post. also i love these two more than air and my goal in life is to someday accomplish something with these two + nicki

same as it ever wasCollapse )

we get along (for the most part) [bigbang ???]
sweet babies
title: we get along (for the most part)
rated: idk it's fine
fandom/pairing: bigbang rpf; uhhhhh it features daesung + top but was supposed to imply past!top/gd?
spoilers/warnings: nein + neiner
summary: grown ass men need grown ass personal time. it's not a porn thing.
words: ~1000
disclaimer: this is a work of fiction this is not reality these real people names did not really do these fake things. title is from the paramore song.
a/n: hi i'm not dead but my heart was for a long time. not really, i just didn't have the time or desire to write for a long time but tonight i did. it's 6am and i didn't proofread this at all so sry idk if it's even coherent but. y'know. life. bae bae is stupid.

we live aloneCollapse )

keep a girl shaky [needy/jennifer; sleepover]
sweet babies
title: keep a girl shaky
rated: there's an orgasm
fandom/pairing: jennifer's body; needy/jennifer
spoilers/warnings: n/a
summary: needy's first kiss[es] went a little like this.
words: 199
disclaimer: i do not own; title comes from a gambino freestyle i think
a/n: for the femslash100 drabbletag prompt 'jennifer/needy - sleepover' dude it's two in the morning and this shit is giving me life tbh

like her pussy lips is krumpingCollapse )

you a beaver? [ariel/meg; flirting]
sweet babies
title: you a beaver?
rated: n/a
fandom/pairing: generic disney; meg/ariel
spoilers/warnings: n/a
summary: interspecies flirting is complicated.
words: 242
disclaimer: i do not own
a/n: prompt was ariel/megara - flirting from femslash100's drabbletag 5

'cause dammmmnCollapse )

mesmerizing me [darla/drusilla; corsage]
sweet babies
title: mesmerizing me
rated: n/a
fandom/pairing: buffy the vampire slayer; drusilla/darla
spoilers/warnings: n/a
summary: drusilla wants to go to a prom.
words: 180
disclaimer: i do not own; title is from december 1963
a/n: for the femslash100 drabbletag prompt "darla/drusilla - corsage" secretly my one true love is prom don't tell i was a homeschooled kid

hypnotizingCollapse )

any longer and i'll know [top/taeyang; parallel]
sweet babies
title: any longer and i'll know
rated: light teen idk
fandom/pairing: bigbang rpf; choi seunghyun/dong youngbae + heavy heavy unrequited seunghyun/kwon jiyong
spoilers/warnings: er i don't think so
summary: seunghyun doesn't really get wiser with age, but zhe has zher moments.
words: 1269
disclaimer: this is all fiction yo; title&cut come from one ok rock's nothing helps
a/n: #03: parallel so i wrote this ages ago and never posted obviously but i feel shitty and miss writing sfm so maybe this will get me into it again if only briefly.

and on and on, another song to write the wrongsCollapse )

rescue me away [bom/hayi; foamy]
sweet babies
title: rescue me away
rated: for all ages
fandom/pairing: kpop rpf (mermaid au); park bom/lee hayi + hints of park bom/park sandara
spoilers/warnings: uh no?
summary: bom meets a human who doesn't remind zhim of a siren zhe knew once.
words: 1917
disclaimer: this is a work of fiction i do not own rights to the characters; title comes from ravex's 1 more night feat. monkey majik
a/n: #64: foamy hi i wrote this ages ago when i was still writing things and now i want to write things again

can't find the right wordsCollapse )

知らないほうがいいのかもね [hayi/jimin; amount]
sweet babies
title: 知らないほうがいいのかもね
rated: for language
fandom/pairing: rpf ~performing arts~ high school au a la kirin; lee hayi/park jimin feat. lee chaerin/both of them in independent ways
spoilers/warnings: n/a; age shifts like whoa
summary: hayi and jimin are frenemies, or something.
words: 1728
disclaimer: i do not own any of these characters or the lyrics to perfume's supaisu
a/n: #53: amount ugh i'm actually really upset i originally posted this a while back but i think i must have done it while lj was wonking bcuz it's no longer there. mostly i'm just upset because i think it had a really decent title but i don't remember what it was so yeah. slightly edited from original.

好奇心のスパイスはねCollapse )

100 ~randomly generated~ themes
nathfab sd
wow hi livejournal i missed you other blogging sites suck and so do responsibilities and w/e here have a product of my immature time wasting in the form of a ~100 prompts~ challenge instituted by myself because srsly i need to like do something even if it's nothing. fandoms might be new and might be rpf because i'm gross. also eew i need to clean out this journal and not eew i love everyone in this bar.

  1. esoterical

  2. walk

  3. parallel

  4. foundation

  5. dance

  6. garden

  7. why

  8. salt

  9. ossify

  10. apply

  11. parish

  12. developer

  13. decision

  14. childlike

  15. offset

  16. percher

  17. cause

  18. lazy

  19. defer

  20. number

  21. animated

  22. insure

  23. minute

  24. ethereal

  25. write

  26. rub

  27. regular

  28. accumulate

  29. sea

  30. dizzy

  31. diversify

  32. advertise

  33. medical

  34. supervise

  35. cry

  36. disagreeable

  37. ran

  38. degree

  39. stupendous

  40. compare

  41. range

  42. new

  43. combine

  44. flight

  45. purring

  46. set

  47. shade

  48. greasy

  49. interface

  50. turn

  51. delirious

  52. contract

  53. amount

  54. control

  55. woman

  56. whole

  57. paper

  58. scarce

  59. further

  60. trade

  61. known

  62. order

  63. wind

  64. foamy

  65. convince

  66. friend

  67. long-term

  68. tail

  69. teaching

  70. calm

  71. scrutinze

  72. group

  73. enchanted

  74. moderate

  75. story

  76. wretched

  77. monitor

  78. judge

  79. experiment

  80. observe

  81. upgrade

  82. comparison

  83. renew

  84. religion

  85. homely

  86. bargain

  87. paint

  88. plain

  89. foster

  90. unify

  91. harbor

  92. brash

  93. distribute

  94. establish

  95. annoyed

  96. demonic

  97. request

  98. answer

  99. abnormal

  100. visualize


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